30 NOV – 26 DEC 2018

FIRST LOOK 30 NOV, 5 – 9pm


CIRCLE are showing an exiting group of ceramic artists from Britain and Europe as part of their winter fine crafts initiative. Making vessels from clay has been part of our human journey for thousands of years.


Nicholas Arroyave-Portela, Paul Jackson, Nicholas Lees, Deborah Mitchell, Peter Hayes, Jenny Beavan, Regina Heinz and Chris Prindl are exhibiting their works in CLAY this autumn. The show, curated by John O’Caroll and lucy Thorman will allow viewers to explore the ceramicists very different styles and techniques. The relationship between the functional, the non-functional and the valuable is one aspect that emerges in the work of the artists featured in this exhibition.


CLAY will coincide with CIRCLE Winter Mixed, introducing new paintings by Stephen Lambert.

Chris Prindl

Oxblood Red Gazing Bowl

Nicholas Arroyave-Portela

White Waves

Nicholas Lees

Floating Bowl

Regina Heinz


Nicholas Arroyave-Portela

Black Crumpled Form

Nicholas Lees

Porcelain Column

Peter Hayes

White Split Plaque

Deborah Mitchell 

Small Cups

Nicholas Arroyave-Portela

Folded Form

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