John O’Carroll is an artist who is inherently influenced by landscape and environment from the coast and moors of Britain the deserts of north Africa and the Americas and mountains of the Sinai.

John is an artist and explorer with his wide knowledge of archaeology, geology, palaeontology and ancient history has expanded with his various travels and informed much of his prolific practice. For the past twenty-three years he has been an archaeological illustrator for the Dakhleh Oasis Project in Egypt’s Western Desert. Whilst there, John developed his own techniques and sourcing of natural pigments, resins and waxes which is followed by meticulous, almost alchemical preparation, subsequently applied to panel or canvas in encaustic and graffito techniques.

Working from his studio in Circle Contemporary Gallery John’s work and new ‘Zephyr’ series speaks about the landscape of change and transition and becomes part of it Representing light, absorbing it and changing it – employing the processes of alchemy, wind, erosion and time in its making.


Dec 2016 – March 10th 2017