Geneviève Claisse

Geneviève Claisse is a French artist born 1935 in Quiévy, in the north of France.

A self-taught artist, she became a great personality of abstract geometry, and her work is present today in many museums and private collections.French artist Genevieve Claisse, is the leading female abstract painter of her generation and one of the most important voices in contemporary art today.

Genevieve Claisse, now eighty two, continues to make life-lifting works. Like her forbear Matisse, she is a doyen of colour and shape. Claisse learnt the concepts of formal purity from her uncle, the abstract painter Auguste Herbin: the permutations of the circle and triangle are Genevieve’s abiding passion.

To put her in context, Claisse, in ’50’s Paris, was honing a visual language similar to the St Ives artists Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth. Bridget Riley’s optical abstractions are resemblant.

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Featuring works by Simon Gaiger + Genevieve Claisse

14th October – 25th November 2017

In curating SOLID MODERN we have chosen artists whose cardinal form stems from the Modern movements of Cubism, Di Stijl and Surrealism. Simon Gaiger from Wales and Parisian Genevieve Claisse have suitably different takes on abstraction.