Kerry Harding

Paint has always been the hero, from being allowed to experiment with leftovers in the garage while at school, the alchemy of mixing, pouring and rubbing away has made the paint and the process of painting integral to my creative expression.

Like many painters before me moving to Cornwall in 2000 was a fundamental moment in my work. Seeing a horizon after being in London for 7 years and living by the sea after years of longing I felt like I had come home. Cornwall offered me a subject matter of a weathered atmospheric landscape created through the elements adding and taking away. This physicality and unpredictability of what is left behind were exactly what I enjoyed most in the painting process. During this period I created abstract work concerning myself with the textures, atmospheres and poetic resonance of my new home.

Returning to the studio full time after having a family and living in South Africa, I needed to reconsider my abstract expressionist response to the Cornish landscape. Painting and exhibiting outside of Cornwall, and indeed the UK and Europe, allowed me to experiment and develop in the context of completely new aesthetic considerations.

The current direction of my work builds upon these experiments but using more figurative compositions. Previous work has been solely abstract, developed intuitively within a process of layering and scraping away, resulting in more subtle atmospheric references to a general coastal landscape. But these new paintings see more predetermined compositions referencing specific motifs of the north Cornish landscape around my studio. The process of re-layering and taking away is then used to ‘destroy’, distort or encompass the motif to reflect the imprint of something that you see every day.

Exhibition Highlights


2000-03 MA Painting, Falmouth College of Art, Cornwall

1991-94 BA Hons Fine Art, Ruskin School, Oxford University

Selected Exhibitions:

2015 “Cornwall Untitled ” Solo show, Badcocks Gallery and Beside the Wave Primrose Hill,  London

2015 Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

2014 Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

2014 Hilton Fine Art Gallery, Bath

2013 ‘Coast Matter’ Heseltine Gallery, Truro

2010 NSA Double Vision, Exchange Gallery, Penzance

2007-09 Micheal Obert Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2007 ‘Sun, Aloe, Rain’ Solo show, Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire

2006 Solo and mixed shows, Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall

Winter Exhibition, Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire

2005 NSA at Thompsons The City Gallery, London

NSA critics choice, Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall

Solo show, Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall

Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Elected member Of Newlyn Society of Artists

Miami Art Fair, Florida, USA

2004 Solo and mixed shows, Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall

Solo and mixed shows, Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire

2003 Residency and solo exhibition, Perth International Arts Festival, Kidogo Arthouse, Perth, Australia

Goldfish Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall

Solo and mixed shows, Bishop Phillpotts Gallery, Cornwall

Shortlisted for ROSL scholarship

2002 Bishop Philpotts Gallery, Truro, Cornwall

Northcote Road Gallery, London

2001 Winter Exhibition, South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Exeter, Devon

Solo exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Devon

Northcote Road Gallery, London

2000 Solo and mixed shows, Clapham Art Gallery, London

1999 Solo and mixed shows, Clapham Art Gallery, London

Euroart, Berlin, Germany

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