ZEN BRUSHWORK with Jos Hadfield


  • 10.30 – 3.30pm
  • 10 spaces available
  • All materials included

Zen Brushwork combines full body movement with mark making, offering insight and increased mindfulness.

These one day workshops draw from the Zen tradition of calligraphy. Using energy raising exercises (yokiho) and sitting (zazen) the focus throughout is to relax body/mind and allow ki ( energy) to flow freely as we draw, using a large brush.

It would also be helpful if you could bring a cushion for sitting and to wear clothing that allows freedom of movement (please note that the ink can stain).


“The Zen Calligrapher is not primarily concerned with the construction of brilliant images. What matters above all is not how to write beautifully but rather how to be awakened through writing.”

–  ‘The Art of Calligraphy – the Essence of Sho’, Terayama Tanchū Sensei


Jos Hadfield learned from Terayama Tanchū Sensei, both in the UK and in Japan. She has been practising Zen Brushwork for more than ten years, and enjoys every opportunity to continue learning, and sharing, this meditative art form, which she likens to re-presenting the relationship between the mind, body and universe.

Jos also teaches t’ai chi, seeing these art forms as explorations in the relationship between mind, body and the universe.

An early interest in textiles led to a Fine Art Degree at Winchester Art School, and a further means of working with form to express our response to space.


 “The energy that finds its way through the body, brush, paper, is much larger – from elsewhere, from the universe.”

Tanchū Terayama Sensei


It is helpful to wear clothes that allow freedom of movement, and please note that the ink can stain. This practice is accessible to all and no previous knowledge is required.


ZEN BRUSHWORK with Jos Hadfield will run once a month in the gallery:

19 April
17 May
28 June
19 July
23 August
20 September


When you make your booking please ensure you choose the correct date.



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