The House Of Artists

6 – 25 August




Taking pop art to a new level, Ben Allen’s brainchild is rooted in American pop art and culture: the 70’s silkscreens printed at Andy Warhol’s ‘factory’ in New York and the huge bill board posters seen while driving along route 66 in California.


HOA  is a ‘now brand’, comprising of a group of flamboyant contemporary artists who celebrate blatant commercialism with fine art receptivity. using slick slogans such as ART AMPLIFIED, COVET AND CREATE, and LIVE WALL TO WALL, they make ‘limited edition wall coverings,’ which sounds conventional – until you see them. Ben Allen’s cultural appropriation of MICKY and MARILYN, Photorealist painter Sarah Grahams WILDERNESS OF KITCH, collagist Bonnie and Clyde’s ANGELS AND LIQUOR and graphic artist Sara Pope’s MIAMI VICE ROOM-SET give a taste of the wonderful art being produced for HOUSE OF ARTISTS.


CIRCLE  are first to showcase all of the HOA artists together. Many of the artists represented, although young have already won major awards, exhibit in significant London galleries, and have a glamorous celebrity client list. CIRCLE  are delighted to be curating a show of original art works and limited edition prints by this group of talented and highly collectable names.

Exhibiting Artists

Ben Allen
Lauren Baker

Hannah Adamaszek
David Blake
Graham Carter
Bonnie and Clyde
Rosie Emerson
Belinda Frikh
Pam Glew
Ryan Hay
Jennifer Morrison
Sara Pope
Daniel Syrett
Mark Vessey

Exhibition View

Featured Artwork