CIRCLE Editions

Circle editions is a fine art print collaboration between gallerist Lucy Thorman and artist Caroline Marrack. Our ethos is to collect art to compliment the way we live now, in simpler, lighter homes. The original prints are headed under classic and modern masters and the chosen artists are all outstanding. We like to mix classic and modern prints with our contemporary artworks to create a rich narrative.


Whether figurative or Abstract, good drawing underpins our collection. We buy selectively, choosing with a discerning eye museum quality prints either made by the artist’s own hand or by a master printmaker.


Drypoint, etching and lithography are printing methods which enable the artist to draw freely onto the surface of zinc, copper or stone, which means that the finished print retains the true character of the original drawing.


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Modern Masters

Prunella Clough
1919 – 1999
Richard Smith
1931 – 2016
Stanley Hayter
Kathleen Guthrie
1905 – 1981
Geneviève Claisse
1935 – 2018
Robyn Denny
André Marchand
1907 – 1997

Classic Masters

Coming Soon