The photographer August Sander said

“let the subject find its own pose” 

I make photographs that are quiet and timeless yet of their time and place. They are personal, but not about me. I have no desire to photograph myself or focus on my home or personal life. In this way I find photography different to painting, a different type of observation, a different kind of summoning - and yet?


Photography is a medium that suits my nature as it is primarily an excuse to get outside and find an event, however flimsy, and slow my life right down by absorbing the event, giving it time and consideration. The printed image is both the reason and the proof, I was there, I took note and I remember its significance. By using 35m film I have a rectangle of treasure, a small marker of the occasion - a fragile real life moment is made permanent.


Fleeting snaps of passing places have no resonance, they are quickly observed, taken, scanned and then deleted instantly. Film is telepathic, the images are hidden until processed, the prints reveal connection, empathy, and how engaged I was in my experience. 


Ideas follow the events of my daily life. It is only when the film is developed that I can see the rhyme of my mind. Today, I am pondering on closeness and distance and the different emotions that arise from being physically close - looking into - in contrast to standing in vastness and looking out. Other days I consider the qualities of light and air, and I do prefer to work with strict technical limitations and basic tools - like a painter who uses a modest palette to give the subject a natural voice. 

Installation shots