The Covid 19 storm raged in the world but the majestic towering cliffs of the Pentire Headland were oblivious to it, it was not about them.

Exposed to all the elements the Atlantic can throw at it, the wild North facing coast of Cornwall, East of Pentire Point, ironically became a refuge, a place of solace, during the turmoil in the outside world.


This striking coastline with its soaring jagged cliffs battered by the elements since perpetuity. Wearing the scars on their face of the countless storms they have faced & survived. A dignity in their serene presence. Wild crashing waves one day, shimmering transparent water washing their feet gently another.


On those few calm days, the crystal clear turquoise water revealed a myriad of underwater forms, wafting in the gentle but relentless swell.


This new body of work by Chris was conceived here on the north coast and utilises materials found historically in Cornwall, some in abundant quantities: copper, tin, iron, slate and wood.


Installation shots