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Bob Aldous

There are many artists from the canon of art history that Bob Aldous eloquently cites in relation to his work. Some are influences, other artists mirror his own psyche and preoccupations. Tiepolo and Turner, Tapies and Tillyer all hold sway but lets look at the intrinsic nature of the paintings, performance and poetry of the man himself.


Air and water – breathing through water – walking on air. The elements earth and fire are nowhere to be seen – Bobs poetry and performance pieces exude ethereality; his silk paintings and watercolours do the same. The quality of lightness, as in ‘ lightness of being’  is clearly not thinness. Bobs paintings flow with a deceptive ease of making which is far removed from the vague mark-making of a ‘thin’ painter;  Aldous is a meticulous practitioner of his craft and well versed in both art theory and metaphor


CIRCLE are showing the large silk paintings – silk being the surface of choice for its luminosity and staining qualities. The Chinese and Tibetans have been painting on silk for a thousand years. Silk cloth naturally absorbs infinite hues and gradient washes therefore it is the perfect medium for Bobs romantic vision of the world. The paintings draw us into the milky scape-lands of the imagination – an arcadian idyll, or the legendary lands of Shangri-La (Tibet) and Cornwall’s Lyonesse – whatever these works suggest,  essentially  they are places for reverie.


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Bob Aldous 'Black Wave II' Watercolour, ink, graphite and acrylic on silk, 100 x 150 cms
Bob Aldous 'Black Wave II' Watercolour, ink, graphite and acrylic on silk, 100 x 150 cms

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