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Meditations - Ben Allen

Walking into the cool aesthetically tasteful gallery which seamlessly blends fine art and fine craft, I am dazzled by a show of lucent colour in a white room under a blue sky. Stylistically experimental and pulsating with life, Ben Allen’s new abstract paintings, at first sight, seem to be born from sixties America – Painters like Frank Stella and Kenneth Noland.

Ben Allen is known for his distinctive Pop paintings. Using complex collage techniques, his pieces create a dynamic mash-up of popular culture, which work to critique the banal and the mundane, challenge mainstream media values and inspire a sense of freedom.

FIRST LOOK: Saturday 15 Jun, 1-4pm

15 Jun – 15 Jul 2017 | Floor 2

Ben Allen


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Ben Allen 'Meditations' Acrylic and collage on canvas, 150 x 150 cm