CIRCLE is a Fine Art Gallery located in North Cornwall.

The gallery represents a diverse group of artists living in the UK and Europe who have a strong personal style. We are committed to showing contemporary art, which above all is visually acute, thoughtful and beautiful.

Lucy Thorman and John O’Carroll run the gallery with a professional but relaxed vibe, in keeping with west coast gallery convention. John O’Carroll is a visual artist with an onsite studio.

The gallery is a cool and minimal space which is continually evolving, showing emerging and well known artists, alternating group and solo exhibitions, focusing on fresh and innovative art.


Featured Artists

Ben Allen
Caroline Marrack
Chris Seaber
Emily Crookshank
Hend Samir
Ivo Ringe

Mimi Robson
Jelena Sredanovic
Jennifer Morrison
John O’Carroll
Joni Sernbach
Maria Rivans
Marie-José Robben
Merlyn Chesterman
Pine Feroda
Sarah Pope
Sax Impey
Trudy Montgomery
Wil Jansen




05 MAY – 23 JUN 2018

CIRCLE is delighted to launch its Spring exhibition on the first floor of the gallery, featuring an exciting mix of work by Ben Allen, Shelley Anderson, Jenny Beavan, Merlyn Chesterman, Emily Crookshank, Pine Feroda, Simon Gaiger, Peter Hayes, Sax Impey, Stephen Lambert, Daniel Miles, John O’Carroll, Marie-Jose Robben and Mimi Robson. All works will be available to view online and opening from 5th May continuing until 30th June 2018.

Screenshot 2018-04-17 14.42.07

Chris Seaber

Nets and Other Entanglements

26 MAY – 23 JUN 2018 (Upper Gallery)

Chris Seaber conflates painting and drawing with the potential that a two-dimensional image has to be an object. The works hanging on the gallery wall might be labelled assemblages, a form of sculpture comprised of objects so put together that they make a cohesive visual whole; they could equally be drawings or, for those that include paint, paintings. Conceivably they project out just enough into the real world to stop being purely a painting or drawing and become an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to. Where they forego the support of a canvas stretcher they hang and flop like soft sculpture. When they have a tight formal structure they become constructions with a disciplined approach to composition in which chromatic relationships that shift across a strict system of variation are explored through rigorous repetition. Seaber’s works are essentially abstractions but even here they defy easy categorisation (…)


CIRCLE Editions