CIRCLE is a Fine Art Gallery located in North Cornwall.

The gallery represents a diverse group of artists living in the UK and Europe who have a strong personal style. We are committed to showing contemporary art, which above all is visually acute, thoughtful and beautiful.

Lucy Thorman and John O’Carroll run the gallery with a professional but relaxed vibe, in keeping with west coast gallery convention. John O’Carroll is a visual artist with an onsite studio.

The gallery is a cool and minimal space which is continually evolving, showing emerging and well known artists, alternating group and solo exhibitions, focusing on fresh and innovative art.


Featured Artists




22 SEP – 20 OCT  2018

COASTLINES is Circle Contemporary’s first fine art photography exhibition. Joni Sternbach and Caroline Vera Marrack are contemporary artists who favour analogue photography. In a world of digital media their photographs are taken with the constraints of vintage film cameras – resulting in poetically arresting images.

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30 NOV – 04 JAN

This winter CIRCLE will be showcasing a diverse group of ceramic artists from the UK and Europe including Nicholas Arroyave-Portela, Paul Jackson, Nicholas Lees, Deborah Mitchell, Knighton Mill Pottery and Chris Prindl. This well curated show will allow you to explore the artists’ distinctive techniques, styles and inspirations.


CIRCLE Editions