CIRCLE is a Fine Art Gallery located in North Cornwall.

The gallery represents a diverse group of artists living in the UK and Europe who have a strong personal style. We are committed to showing contemporary art, which above all is visually acute, thoughtful and beautiful.

Lucy Thorman and John O’Carroll run the gallery with a professional but relaxed vibe, in keeping with west coast gallery convention. John O’Carroll is a visual artist with an onsite studio.

The gallery is a cool and minimal space which is continually evolving, showing emerging and well known artists, alternating group and solo exhibitions, focusing on fresh and innovative art.


Featured Artists


Merlyn Chesterman 'Morning Mist' woodcut print, 30 x 25 cm

CIRCLE Winter Mixed

30 NOV 2018 – 20 MAR  2019 | Floor 1 + 2

CIRCLE  Winter Mixed features a group of individual artists including Adam Bridgland, Danielle Creenaune, Merlyn Chesterman – RE, Emily Crookshank , Pine Feroda , Simon Gaiger – MRBS, Adam Halls, Adrian Mitchell, Steve Lambert, John O’Carroll, Joni Sternbach, Mimi Robson and Henny van der Meer.


ART FOCUS: Danielle Creenaune

02 – 31 MARCH 2019 | Floor 2

Artists have languages. How we respond to a work of art depends on our own repertoire of non verbal languages and our particular ways of seeing.

Looking at Danielle Creenaune’s imagery for the first time, we quickly recognise her language. Danielle has a heartfelt physical connection with the natural landscape, an active knowledge of art history and mastery over her chosen printing medium, lithography. She also shares the language of a select group of modern artists who abstract from the real to create hybrid landscapes which give a sensation of place without losing material reality. [read more]


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