Current Exhibitions

CIRCLE Spring Mixed

21 MAR – 12 JUNE 2019 | Floor 1 + 2

Shelley Anderson, Lauren Baker, Adam Bridgland, Susan Bleakley, Henry Beazley, Merlyn Chesterman – RE, Emily Crookshank, Pine Feroda, Simon Gaiger – MRBS, Adam Halls, Peter Hayes, Wil Jansen, John O’Carroll, Chris Prindl, Nick Reader, Henny van der Meer,  Mimi Robson, Joni Sternbach ,Wil Jansen.

Upcoming Exhibitions


Spring to Sea ~ Paintings by Bob Aldous and poetry by Myra Schneider

13 APR – 14 MAY 2019 | Floor 2

Painting and poetry make good bedfellows. Here we see the poet Myra Schneider respond to the paintings of artist Bob Aldous.

Collaborations between poets and painters are not new. In fact there is a fashionable movement of responding to painting through poetry.  The late art writer John Berger, in his seminal book ‘Ways of Seeing’ reminded us that images come first, then words- ‘but when a poet creates a poem in response to a work of art then the words become another way of seeing.’ 

ART FOCUS: Shelley Anderson

Blue Blue Ocean – Bronze Wall Reliefs

13 APR – 14 MAY 2019 | Floor 1

(showing alongside CIRCLE Spring Mixed)

CIRCLE are showing the bold and beautiful turquoise and patinated bronze wall reliefs of metalworker Shelley Anderson. From the deep turquoise seas of the pacific ocean to the highest turquoise domes on the mosques of Iran, from the turquoise mines of California, famous for Navaho Indian Jewellery, to our own turquoise coves in Cornwall – Turquoise blue is the colour of life and the afterlife.


by Augustine + Brigland

18 MAY – 12 JUNE 2019 | Floor 1

In honour of Flora, goddess of Spring, CIRCLE are showing the exuberant floral prints of Royal College of Art graduates Danny Augustine and Adam Bridgland.


If in need of an antidote to the purveyors of gloom, then look no further. Augustine and Bridgland – these two men who paint as one, create abstract designs of inflated florescence. Think sunny gardens ripe with floribunda, think Monet and mothers curtains, think the emotionally charged blooms of Emil Nolde, but think also of the whip-smart commercial screen prints of Andy Warhol.


Honing their craft at Jealous, London’s hippest print studio, these two young men have a growing fan club which is partly due to those tongue-in-cheek titles which address their generation with themes of love, and lust. Flowers For Your Darlings was their first sell-out show followed by Behind The Curtains and Blinds – a nod to Howard Hodgkins ‘Clean sheets.’ Augustine and Bridglands latest offerings are provocatively named Fist Full – ‘its hard to concentrate with a head full of filth.’


Behind the quick and dirty playfulness, Danny and Adam are technically and aesthetically rigorous in the painting and printing of their billowy blooms, scuffing the lines between fine art and textile design. They get down to serious botanical research for each series, memorising each plant – setting the stage for spontaneous outpourings.


And how do this talented duo get their mojo working: they go to the studio, put on good music and warm up with two pints of lager and a packet of crisps!

ART FOCUS: Mimi Robson

18 MAY – 12 JUN 2019, Floor 1


Morgan Doyle

15 JUN – 16 JUL 2019, Floor 1


CIRCLE Summer Mixed 

21 JUN – 24 SEP 2019, Floor 2


ART FOCUS: Susan Bleakley

21 JUN – 16 JUL 2019, Floor 2


CIRCLE Studio: Emily Crookshank 

5 – 12 JUN 2019, Floor 1


Place – Alchemy Of Nature by John O’Carroll 

20 JUL – 20 AUG 2019, Floor 1


CIRCLE Summer Mixed 

21 JUN – 24 SEP 2019, Floor 2


ART FOCUS: Carol Robinson

20 JUL – 20 AUG 2019, Floor 2

Past Exhibitions

ART FOCUS: Danielle Creenaune

02 – 31 MAR 2019 | Floor 1 + 2

Artists have languages. How we respond to a work of art depends on our own repertoire of non verbal languages and our particular ways of seeing. Looking at Danielle Creenaune’s imagery for the first time, we quickly recognise her language. Danielle has a heartfelt physical connection with the natural landscape, an active knowledge of art history and mastery over her chosen printing medium, lithography. She also shares the language of a select group of modern artists who abstract from the real to create hybrid landscapes which give a sensation of place without losing material reality.

CIRCLE Winter Mixed

30 NOV – 20 MAR 2019 | Floor 1 + 2

Adam Bridgland, Susan Bleakley, Merlyn Chesterman – RE, Emily Crookshank, Pine Feroda, Simon Gaiger – MRBS, Adam Halls, Daniel Miles, Adrian Mitchell, Henny van der Meer, Joe, John O’Carroll, Wil Jansen, Nicholas Lees, Mimi Robson.


30 NOV – 29 DEC 2018 | Floors 1 + 2

CIRCLE are showing an exiting group of ceramic artists from Britain and Europe as part of their winter fine crafts initiative. Making vessels from clay has been part of our human journey for thousands of years.

Nicholas Arroyave-Portela, Paul Jackson, Nicholas Lees, Deborah Mitchell, Peter Hayes, Jenny Beavan, Regina Heinz and Chris Prindl are exhibiting their works in CLAY this autumn. The show, curated by John O’Carroll and Lucy Thorman will allow viewers to explore the ceramicists very different styles and techniques. The relationship between the functional, the non-functional and the valuable is one aspect that emerges in the work of the artists featured in this exhibition.

CLAY will coincide with CIRCLE Winter Mixed, introducing new paintings by Stephen Lambert.


ART FOCUS: October

Fiona Léus Lambert


Film and choreography, both time based art forms are at the heart of Fiona Léus Lambert’s ballet prints. Rows of images, photographic studies of movement are reworked stills, shot using Super 8 film during rehearsals for ‘Eidos Telos’ by William Forsythe.
Capturing the ballet’s atmosphere and the beauty of movement in still form resulted in Fiona Léus Lambert creating ‘This is not a Ballet’ a series of limited edition C-type prints.


A fine art photography exhibition featuring 

Joni Sternbach and Caroline Marrack

22 SEP – 20 OCT  2018

CIRCLE are curating a show of contemporary analogue photography by two distinctive artists who have found inspiration on the north Cornish coast. Surfing and coastal walking are common activities which become the subjects for compelling images when viewed with a sensitive eye and a responsive lens. In a world of digital media, taking photographs with older, slower tools enables the artist to work within the limitations of the camera, making a space for poetry.

CIRCLE Summer Mixed

30 JUNE – 22 SEP

CIRCLE is delighted to launch a vibrant summer exhibition, featuring an exciting mix of work by Bob Aldous, Shelley Anderson, Merlyn Chesterman, Emily Crookshank , Simon Gaiger, Peter Hayes, Stephen Lambert, Trudy Montgomery, Daniel Miles, John O’Carroll, Michael Olsen, Marie-Jose Robben and Mimi Robson. The exhibition will show a rotation of work but all works will be available to view online and continuing until 22nd September.


ART FOCUS / Trudy Montgomery

The Mothers & The Daughters

Showing as part of SUMMER Group Exhibition

CIRCLE have invited Trudy Montgomery to talk about her latest series ‘The Mothers & The Daughters’ all of which are the offspring of original abstract paintings referencing and honouring the Divine Feminine in all women. These paintings were conceived while the artist was pregnant and are only now, after a four year gestation, ready for presentation in the world.


The series will be on show until June 30th as part of our mixed Spring exhibition on the first floor.

HOA - A5-02

The House Of Artists

04 – 25 AUG 2018

A group show of diverse, talented and well collected artists who can be found cutting, spraying, painting, throwing and spilling onto canvas in studios and spaces from London to LA. The exhibition will include a selection of original works and limited edition prints.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 21.44.48

ART FOCUS / Emily Crookshank

02 JUNE, 12 – 4pm

02 JUNE – 12 JUL

Circle have invited Emily Crookshank, a young and emerging printmaker, to join us at the gallery on the 2nd of June to talk about her current series of work. All work will be available to purchase online and delivery available.


Emily will be spending time in Cornwall this Summer making study drawings for an exhibition of mono and intaglio prints later this year.


As part of our core group, Emily’s work is available to view throughout the year.


bourn’ by Antonina Szram

28 JUL – 01 AUG

The works selected are from a continued exploration into the in- betweenness; the fragility of remnants, of the nexus between the human and non-human; in a landscape with permeable boundaries.
CIRCLE will be joined by Antonina for the opening reception on Saturday 28th July, 1 – 4pm with refreshments served. 

Chris Seaber

Nets and Other Entanglements

26 MAY – 23 JUNE 2018 (Upper Gallery)

Chris Seaber conflates painting and drawing with the potential that a two-dimensional image has to be an object. The works hanging on the gallery wall might be labelled assemblages, a form of sculpture comprised of objects so put together that they make a cohesive visual whole; they could equally be drawings or, for those that include paint, paintings. Conceivably they project out just enough into the real world to stop being purely a painting or drawing and become an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to. Where they forego the support of a canvas stretcher they hang and flop like soft sculpture. When they have a tight formal structure they become constructions with a disciplined approach to composition in which chromatic relationships that shift across a strict system of variation are explored through rigorous repetition. Seaber’s works are essentially abstractions but even here they defy easy categorisation (…)


CIRCLE Spring 

05 MAY – 30 JUNE 2018

CIRCLE is delighted to launch its Spring exhibition on the first floor of the gallery, featuring an exciting mix of work by Ben Allen, Simon Gaiger, Peter Hayes, Sax Impey, Wil Jansen, Daniel Miles, Trudy Montgomery, John O’Carroll, Ivo Ringe, Mimi Robson and Marie-Jose Robben. All works will be available to view online and opening from 5th May continuing until 30th June 2018.



Original Woodblock Prints

26th MAR – 28th APR 2018

This exhibition is made up of a series of large scale woodcuts by Pine Feroda including individual prints by the four artists who make up the Pine Feroda print collective. Pine Feroda only work on large scale prints and they use the glorious coast of North Devon and it’s craggy rock formations, tumultuous seas and the play of light upon water as their inspirational subject matter.



Group Exhibition

30 NOV – 18 MAR 2018

A group exhibition featuring works by John O’Carroll, Ben Allen, Simon Gaiger, Peter Hayes, Michael Olsen, Ivo Ringe, Dan Miles, Jenny Beavan and Adam Halls. In addition we will be introducing works by three new artists to the gallery, painters Sax Impey, Kerry Harding and print artist Emily Crookshank.

Solid Modern - Exhibition View

Solid Modern

Simon Gaiger and Genevieve Claisse

 14 OCT – 25 NOV 2017

In curating SOLID MODERN we have chosen artists whose cardinal form stems from the Modern movements of Cubism, Di Stijl and Surrealism. Simon Gaiger from Wales and Parisian Genevieve Claisse have suitably different takes on abstraction.


Adam Halls 

In The Spirit of Place

17 SEP – 7 OCT 2017

Adam Halls is tucked into the corner of a small hut, his studio. On his right hangs a work in progress, glistening in the cold day light. I look through the shed window at the full grass fields, beyond, to the valley and over the moor; this is Adams palette. I study the unfinished embroidery – the wavering layers of late summer yellows and muted greens: Adams colours in Adams place.


Henry Beazley

Hanging In The Balance

21 AUG – 14 SEP 2017

The young artists studio is a small patch in a room full of fork trucks. Henry Beazley’s rusted iron sculptures jostle for space in the dimly lit storeroom. When disentangled, I find Henry’s abstract offerings quirky and engaging, resembling the modernist sculpture of David Smith, who was the first artist to work directly with welded metal. On second thought they seem to be made in the spirit of Catalan sculptor Julio Gonzalez who was famous for his expressive use of iron in modern sculpture.


Ben Allen


15 JUNE – 29 JULY 2017

Walking into the cool aesthetically tasteful gallery which seamlessly blends fine art and fine craft, I am dazzled by a show of lucent colour in a white room under a blue sky. Stylistically experimental and pulsating with life, Ben Allen’s new abstract paintings, at first sight, seem to be born from sixties America – Painters like Frank Stella and Kenneth Noland.