Ben Cook: Neoprene Landscapes : Floor 1 + Online


Ben Cook’s multi-media art practice is inspired by the social and environmental landscape of Cornwall.

Ben’s neoprene landscapes, created especially for CIRCLE, recycle old neoprene wetsuits that would be headed to landfill, into ‘found landscapes’. The works reference the tradition of landscape art in the south west, whilst providing a fresh perspective inspired by surf culture and concerns for the environment. 


He works across many art forms, using found and reclaimed materials, reflecting the environmental concerns of the modern day surfer. In 2008, his exhibition at the Eden Project in Cornwall, examined the 'Toxic Paradox' of surfing's green image, and his one-man show Littoral Drifter at Newcastle University's Hatton Gallery in 2012, explored the 'serious' side of the surfing landscape.


Ben has been a regular contributor to exhibitions at CIRCLE, including ‘Blue Black’ 2014 and ‘Travelling Light’ in 2018 and the gallery will continue to show his latest works as part of its core group.

Installation Views