PINE FERODA is the collective name used by three British artists (Merlyn Chesterman, Ian Phillips and Judith Westcott), who together create large-scale, dramatic woodcut prints inspired by the extraordinary coastline of North Devon and Cornwall. Craggy rock formations, tumultuous seas and the play of light upon water are all explored through their unique working practice.

The group can often be seen on their local beaches and headlands, collectively drawing on a cliff or in the ocean itself, capturing the light and movement of the swell.


Pine Feroda’s work is intensive and skilfull. The entire woodcutting, inking and printing process is carried out by hand with each edition taking the group several months of focused work to complete.


All creative decisions are taken collectively, and this requires a great deal of coordination, discussion time and tact. The benefit of this way of working is that, with three artists collaboratively engaged, a tremendous creative energy is unleashed and things get done fast.


Despite having collaborated for less than five years, they show their work widely, exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Installation shots

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