Painter Susan Bleakley has been listening all her life. As a child she learnt to listen to the voices from the ether – the upper air. She knew she was a sensitive; a girl who heard the stones and trees speak.

Susan Bleakley is a Cornish-based British artist working across the mediums of paint, sculpture, installation, photography, and film. Since training at the Royal College of Art and Falmouth College of Arts, she has shown widely across the UK, Europe, and North America in both solo and group exhibitions. Susan is a founding member of the influential Penwith Artist-Led Projects collective (PALP), and is renowned for her signature lineal paintings of 'distorted geometry' that invite viewers to immerse themselves in the works as not merely spectators but as part of the art itself.


Formally, these paintings are labelled as pure abstraction and have the meditative rigour of American abstract painter Agnes Martin, herself drawn to the spiritual purity of the North American Indian life – inseparable from nature. The Bauhaus master Josef Albers with his writings on colour theory, had a huge influence on 20th century abstract painters – Brigit Riley’s famous stripe paintings being our best known example of simultaneous contrast. Susan’s use of this technique is nuanced and beautiful, her choice of colours quiver with light, inside and out, in synergy with the flowers and foliage growing in her Cornish clifftop garden – which she tends to daily.


Her recent paintings, Garden and Hidden Memories Within Lace - both oil on canvas - represent a deviation from this former meditative style to a more figurative one. The large-scale works are saturated in vibrant colours that radiate a flamboyance not seen in the works we have previously shown at CIRCLE. The artist's skilful use of colour - deep reds, warm oranges, bright pinks, and uplifting yellows that complement the subtler hues and bold blues - inspired by the flora and fauna in her own garden, marks a particular freedom of expression that communicates an alternative mindfulness. If, as Kandinsky and Goethe asserted, colour reflects and affects human emotion, then these two mesmerising pieces convey an exuberance of the senses; vivid and sensational, they emanate joy, tenderness and universal love. The charming creativity in Susan's latest work is at once fun and fascinating.


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