Rod Nelson's artistic fascination centers on the perpetual movement of water—the continuous undulation, the captivating moment when water breaks into spray, and the mesmerizing play of light on its surface. Employing tools and techniques honed meticulously over many years, Rod has cultivated a distinctive approach that stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to mastering the craft.


With a rich and diverse exhibition history, Rod has consistently presented his work in prominent shows across the UK and on the international stage, firmly establishing his esteemed position in the global art community.


CIRCLE is delighted to present the latest collaborative print, "Wavelength," with Merlyn Chesterman at LAF24. This original print signifies a significant milestone in their artistic journey, the most noteworthy to date. In tandem with this groundbreaking print, the duo has diligently worked on publishing two noteworthy books, exemplifying their shared creativity and deep passion for woodblock printing and its rich history.


London Art Fair

Stand G9B, Business Design Centre, Islington