Merlyn Chesterman stands out as an esteemed woodblock printmaker. Her extensive residency and exploration across Asia for more than two decades have left an indelible mark on her artistic outlook, infusing her work with nuanced layers of cultural richness and depth.


Upon her return to England, Merlyn found renewed inspiration amidst the serene landscapes of North Devon. From her studio in this idyllic setting, she consistently challenges the limits of woodblock craftsmanship.


Merlyn's artistic philosophy is grounded in capturing the essence of a place. At a fundamentally abstract level, she uses the woodblock medium with a supporting, literal surface to convey the spirit of her surroundings.


At the core of Merlyn's artistic narrative resides her deep affinity for sea swimming—a fundamental aspect of her life in Devon. The rhythmic undulations of her aquatic explorations seamlessly weave themselves into the subtle currents of her woodblock prints. 


The recent collaboration between Merlyn Chesterman and Rod Nelson marks a significant milestone in their artistic journey. CIRCLE is excited to introduce their latest collaborative print, "Wavelength," at LAF24. Alongside this, the duo have produced two noteworthy books, serving as a testament to their shared creativity and deep passion for woodblock printing and its rich history.