My work is an exploration into material and place observing in particular processes of interdependence between water and geological change. The intention is to capture a moment in a process of change and to reflect upon the physical and metaphorical aspects of a place as a vessel with containment.  

The experience of walking and being in a place often creates the necessary impulse from which to respond. I will often, almost daily follow a water course through a  familiar landscape, where the activity of revisiting and being familiar with and more sensually aware, helps to shape and re-shape minute and seasonal changes. Terrain which visibly offers its contents such as crumbling coastal cliff edges, valley gorges, craters and volcanoes, underground mine-workings and the ever-changing industrial open-cast workings of the china clay pits, where each reveals unique geological and historic make-up and matrix content. Being inside, between or next such places always fills me with a sense belonging.


After 16 years of working closely with the china clay industrial landscape, I have this year, secured my 3rd residency with IMERYS Minerals, which gives me access to work in the china clay pits, to research and to collaborate further with the industry.

Installation shots