American modernist Stuart Davies said in 1950 “I care nothing for abstract art as such, but only as it evidences a contemporary language of vision suited to modern life.” Collagist Robert Rauschenberg made his art with the junk he found on his afternoon strolls in downtown Manhattan. In England, painter Prunella Clough found beauty in debris and made debris beautiful. On his home road in Chelsea Morgan Doyle ingests the detritus of the day – stuff which remains will form the language of his prints – monoprinting being the perfect medium for receiving marks of memory.

Morgan Doyle is an Irish artist who works and lives over in London. He studied in Crawford College of Art and Design and graduated from there in 1990. He went on to complete his MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London in 1991 and is a Senior Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.


His work is continually evolving as he searches for fresh modes of expression. Over his career Morgan has experimented with sculpture, performance arts, paint and  has been focused on printmaking since 2007.


Morgan has shown extensively both here and internationally and his work is held in many major collections including the Courtauld.